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Jan 25, 2011

Own Profession

everybody has their own profession.
a teacher, a student, a doctor, a pateient, a farmer, an employee, and the other professions can be found now on.
just realizing that every profession has their own field.
being a teacher, you have to teach.
being a farmer, you have to cultivate your field
being an employee, you have to obey the regulation and do what your boss asked
and soon..

what i want to share that,
it does not matter what your profession is (good)
wherever you are, you have to do your profession well
there's  no reason to compare our profession with others
it will just spend our time useless

let's just do ours in good way for the best result...
just do it, because we are the most expert in our field, no others. (26/01san)

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