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About san_san

Assalamu'alaikum warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
January 30, 1990. I was born at the day. Nurhasanah 'san' Sidabalok

Nurhasanah is a meaningful word and i my self is also expected to be meaningful for many people.
San is just a nick name, own creation. (permisi ya, my beloved parent. haha)
It's populared by my friend Wahyu Annisa since Senior High School by saying 'SanSan'(thank you Sista!)
In bahasa (sun) means matahari and maybe that's the reason. They hope that I can give a lighting (breathing hard, berat kawan).. And now it becomes more popular by naming some of my site with this word. Yeah, that's pray for me actually.

Next, Sidabalok.. Yaa, some of them feel strange with this word (dari planet mana??, what's that??, haa??). It makes me to be more patient (haha, iya laah.. menjelaskan kepada mereka satu persatu)
"Hey Sister, why don't just make Sidakubus, or Sidalimas, orrrrr, ya the other Sida??" (gak sopan kali ya, emang bisa sembarangan buat?? haha).
Hmm, it's actually a spesification from Saragi, yeah without 'h' coz we're Toba one. (udah cukup tentang ini, that's that:)

Today, I'm as a student in State University of Medan which popular with name UNIMED (base camp of  of professional teachers' candidate, and i'm one of them, hmm).
Together with my all beloved friends, we 'get married' with english Department '08. Now, we're prepared a curry (kami digulai, bukan digodok seperti yang lain) to be a professional English teacher.
In campus, I like to do 'kumpul- kumpul', so i took part in some organizations. There are many kinds of people that i found there, so different from me. Some are talkative, and some are so quiet, and I'm in the middle. (haha, means sometimes  talkative but prefer just keep silent cz do not know what will be told:). Mmmh, No Call, Text Only (ya ya ya, i'm the laziest in answering ur call, but i'm the most diligent in replying ur text, PRove it)

Talking about this blog, actually i spent many hours to learn and conduct this at the first time. Continuous Improvement is my basic.
Well, here you all will find various materials. As I wrote in my site, sharing is caring, I really want to share with you anything useful, and so do you I hope.
Yeah, I'm not a journalist. Just take it easy, something right is just come from God, and the mistakes are caused by my less knowledge.
Hopefully, this will give many advantages for you all and listed as a high value for my last day.

Salam blogger:)
Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

Sharing is Caring

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