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Feb 24, 2012

Are you Worry?? (aku kenapa enggak ya?)

Worry, yeah worriness. Talking it too much, wasting time. Why don't just think it simple?

Epppzzz, let me show you. 
What worries me is how i am going to present a worriness up in your mind.
Who would have thought to see this problem? None.
Now, how much are you prepared to face it? Nothing.

Okay, only briefly, please!
(gak bisa pula aku mikir yg berat2 kata dokter, haha)

First, you look  them up  from different dictionaries as ours.

So what? That's owesome then? :)
(luarbiasa dong)

Stop making any laugh. That's not the sort of behaviour i expect of you!

(alamak, ngeri kali ah) Well, yeah i always do that. Most of my ideas and actions are quite different from others. But i enjoy it very much. They? Also i think. You think? Perhaps so.

Have you shown you to be  a caring person? Something they have got from you? Show me!

(apa jawabannya ya?) Try to remain calm, dear? Hard to explain it. I have done my excellent in treating them. Although it is not as expected, but i myself have done! That's all! (ahh, kenapa pula darahku ikut2an meninggi?)

And you proud of it? This is not the one who i knew yesterday. Would you please just show your caring more, throwing all your ego? That's your job! And get the consequence, risk. Being confuse for all their problems, thinking and doing  many things. Spread out yourself...

(ha, spread out my self? how come???)
Caring more, throwing ego. Ok ok. Anything else should i do for fixing my big fault? Tell me all. This is what i called  best friend. Never let me falling down in the same hole..
(yeah, peace)

Just do both of them for your FIRST fault.

(FIRST? pake huruf besar pula itu. seCOND, THird fault then??)
Next, please. (agak menenangkan diri)

Second, you are just like a silly child.

Complete it, please.

Can't you read their eyes, gesture, or face? You give any respond for that. You have to learn more how to act in certain condition with particular person. You should not think that all is well (always) but you need a kind of anxiety about something.

Tell me the reason why i must do that. Wasting time!

What worries me is how i am going to present a worriness up in your mind.
Who would have thought to see this problem? None.
Now, how much are you prepared to face it? Nothing.

Again, in short please!
(agak2 demam)

 Yeah, your attitude. This is one thing i dislike from you.

I am sorry then, Ok! Help me in my improvement, you are my friend who knows me more. Let me be better.

I see that you can't read something fastly. Often, a big problem does not mean anything for you. You cannot see it a problem, till it's spread and got many victims. You are not good reader at all!

(garuk2 kepala, gak ngerti) Actually i still confuse with your statement.  My friends get busy and frown in their face, but i am in very safe. Feeling nothing. Is that you mean?

Good! That's what i meant.

I am sorry. You and others see that i was very cool, but in fact? I am normal. I can feel it, and maybe more than you all. I just amuse myself and try to think positive.

Ok, i get. But you cannot apply this, your foolis action for every state. Others will judge you bad! Even you can hide your feeling, but at least ask them. Help them to be calm. Again, your ego! Kill it soon!

(waah, bicara pembunuhan) Hmmm, for this second fault, suggest me doing something, please. (daripada berlama- lama)

One suggestion, LEARN Psychology. That's it.

Thank you very much, baby! You help me open my eyes. I will miss our conversation then. Hopefully Allah bless you.
Hmm, for the last. May i ask you one thing? (masak kau aja yang nyuruh2 aku?)


Give me your money. This body do needs suplement to manage all those suggestions, doesn't it?

Naaaaah... Take this.

Owh, big thanks. (hug and kiss)

Alright... give me back with odd 25 % then.. bye,,,

Ha????? (25/02san)

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