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Feb 19, 2012

Pragmatics: Part One

To study pragmatics is really fun. We are guided to think a lot. Imagine what will happen if we translate something based on what we have heard, read, or saw maybe. Pragmatics is not it at all. It has many meaning more than we know written or spoken. 
Talking about pragmatics, actually we are talking about context. Yah, you know context in bahasa, right? In brief we can say, ‘konteks’. I truly believe that you have familiar with this world. Usually we say this when we translate something in understanding what we heard or read. So does in English.

Let’s see this example:
Pelayan              : “Selamat malam, Pak!”
Pengunjung       : “Mie Aceh satu!”

See also this:
Waiter   : “What can I get you, Sir?”
Visitor   : “A cup of coffee, please.”

(will be continued, insya Allah)

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