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Feb 29, 2012

Remind Me

You, Ok?

Not, really.

Share me, something?

(epppzz, tumben aja dikau setenang ini) I am sorry for leaving you unattended behind. My long- time business, not finished yet. Who will give in to this great match?

Give in? Nothing. All has to be achieved because every thing is what you have designed before. I am in your side. Forever.

(Cantik. Tapi gak bisa terima gitu aja) But, why don’t just angry with me? For all these mistakes! Seems you all say yes for all actions I took. Don’t you think that they were full of fault?
You see, what happen to me? Doing the same mistakes, falling down in the same hole, can you picture that? I grew as an abnormal child.

Wait, wait. Be calm. I don’t think you have any mistake. All of them are just process of learning.

Process of learning?? Even no one show me the inaccuracy? How come I learn from that?
Others? You gave suggestions, recommendations, advice, and more.
I? Nobody show their attention to me. I walked, decided something, by myself.

Dear, something you have to perceive that I kept you, always. My attention is not only shown from my word or phrases. For me, attention is more than it.

Tell me more, please.

Can you see what have I done for you?


You’ll understand later. Let just time answer it.

Ha?? This is not what I expected from you. Please, treat me as you treat others! That’s that.

Sorry for that, I cannot treat everybody in same way. You are different from others, understand it!

Cannot accept it. What will you do if you are in my spot? Can you receive then?


It’s easy to convey something. Show me!

Yeah, just walk beside me.

Enough. Would you please just do one thing for me?

What is it?

Remind me.


Not only by gesture, but also by phrases. Sometimes it is hard for me to watch or read a circumstance. I am not a good reader at all. Can you do that?

That’s easy, dear. Should I knock your head and say salam? (haha)

Proud of you. Let’s see then. I’ll recognize you as my sobat if you do it completely. (peace, ahh)

Ok ok. Wait n see….

Thank you yow! Bye….


Wa’alaikumussalam… J(01/03san)

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