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Feb 14, 2012

Palestine, Tomorrow will be Free

Here is my short conversation by facebook with a student university in Palestine. See how proud them staying in that 'barokah' place....

salam, i'm ....... from palestine 18 yrs old 'n i would like 2 thank u 2 accept my request . i hope 2 be friends
waĆ”laikumussalam. palestin? how's life there now. would u please tell me ? i'm from indonesia. 21 years old. we all here really inspirinng with your activity there. hope Allah bless you all 

u know we don't live in peace here,, everyday we hear about at least 50 ppl died ,, but i think it's ok by that 'cuz who die by israel win the paradise,, we have to thank Allah about everything ,, sooner or later we will get our freedom [:)] Allah with us always.
oh , great i see that u put my flag!! palestine's flag ,, well i c that u like my country i'm happy for that

amin y Rabb. that's our pray and belief. their death actually in lucky way. they're guaranteed for the heaven. your country teaches us many thing, about fight, survive, n faith. so, what grade are you in the school?

i.m studyin' at bethlehem univ 1st year " studyin english

is it far from palestin? how about israel, don't they warn you to have a school? i really interest in your country. hopefully you dont mind to share with me. can you find any indonesian office there? 

salam again [:)] hmmm in fact i live in jerusalem the capital of palestine,, from jerusalem to bethlehem we need 1 hour ,, it's not far away from jerusalem,, but on my way i need to show the occupation my ID when i reach the checkpoint, i hold blue one that's mean i can enter jerusalem,, my mom and all my brothers hold the same ID but my dad hold green one that's mean he can't enetr jerusalem.. i can't see him all the time,, ppl who live out the WALL hold green ID but who live in the other side of the WALL hold the blue one,, !! like bethlehem! ppl who live in bethlehem hold green one which mean can't enter jerusalem.. hmmmmm the most thing makes me feel sad is my family in Gaza all ppl who live in Gaza live in big very very big prison,, can't visit bethlehem or hebron or any city in palestine,, Moreover they don't find pure water to drink, clean food to eat or good job to work in.. we ask Allah to help 'em.. i can give u more and more info it's my pleasure,, [:)]
BTW i feel so proud to live in palestine, i feel so proud to learn in bethlehem by knowing i live in another city,, always i feel proud 'cuz through edu we can get our freedom we know this make our enemy feel worry,, by my pen i'll help next generatoin to learn wt i did got in my univ [:)] 

mmmh, would you please explain me about green n blue ID? why the green one cant enter jerusalem? so, is today still in war over there? you know, we are here also try to help our bro n sist in Palestin. we find donation from ppl that heading by an organization. eventhough it is not as much as the others done. by the way, what major are you in univ? are you keen on writing? i'm sorry for asking you more and more..

i told u before i'm ready to answer anything thant u wonder,, first my major is english Literature,, for ID.. PPL who live in west bank like bethlehem , hebron , Nabluse, Ramallah,, etc,, hold green ID that's mean isreal didn't give 'em permit to enter jerusalem,, but who hold blue one like me i can enter jerusalem 'cuz israel gave me this ID 'cuz my mom was born in jerusalem so her right to give her children this the past,, 30 years ago my father was able to enter jerusalem but after israel put the WALL they put as line between west bank and east,, BTW in palestine who live in north hold israeli citizenship and speack thier lang HEBREW !! even though they are ARAB !!!

____will be continued, Insya Allah___

Palestine, Al Aqsa is not all about Arabian. 
Palestine, is not the land without nation.
Palestine, is not Israel's which is the nation without land.
Palestine, is not only about Mosleem, Arabic, but more than it.
It's about human right in the contemporary world!

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