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May 26, 2011

Lead Out Loud

Each of us on this earth has it
The ability to lead and inspire
Sometimes our work feels small and insignificant
But remember a small ripple can gain momentum and build a current that is insurmountable

Begin with small step

Don’t let others stand in your way
Walk your own path
Some may laugh, so what
Many will follow
Don’t ever give up
Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have gone. (William Feather)

Fear keeps people small. Run towards your fears
Embrace them
On the other side of your greatest fears lives your greatest life. Robin Sharma)

Get out of the stand. Get on the court. Play the game of life.
Take risk. Leap and the net will appear
Be positive
What you think is who you become
Dream. Dream big. Feel it. Believe it. Achieve it
Whatever you dream are, go for it!
You will inspire others

Extend a hand. Care. Be kind
When someone does something good, applaud!
You will make two people happy
Make a difference
Now, is the time to lead out loud

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Good job...!!!
And don't forget to say thank you to everyone who cares with you. Show the charming brain to everyone whose you care with.

yupp, even sometimes they outside do not show their caring explicitly but you can feel it. just thank for that and you will get another one.

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