September, 2014

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Apr 22, 2014

wait me, or i'll wait you (?)

  1. Waiting is killing, some of them told that
  2. Sitting alone without anything to do is truly killing
  3. Expecting something unclear while waiting is really truly killing >,<
  4. So, stop waiting!
  5. Breathing nicely, think!
  6. No time for waiting, it should be acting
  7. Time' s run, leaving the one who killing it
  8. Stop any kinds of killing!
  9. Killing time, killing taste, killing feeling, killing hope, killing people ... oh no!
  10. It's time to run than to wait
  11. Everything and everyone will be here when the schedule is right
  12. Nothing's wrong
  13. Allah, our God has written all in lauhul mahfuzh
  14. Believing in God, catch a starly life
  15. Still waiting without acting? Go to the sea ^_^ 
totalchange, april23'14

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