September, 2014

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Apr 7, 2014

friendly april, really

Knocking, wish the sky brings something sweet. Beautiful. Silently, one by one catched. People are thinking of getting comfort. Everybody. 

Looking for a pleasure should be followed   by some rules. It is a must, for feeling good then. When a cruel comes, don't be panic. Flash back, something might be wrong. Having time to speak alone, with yourself.

Life is a mystery actually. Everytime, everyweek, every month, every year.... all is amazing. Manything happened far from our prediction. Coming something strange in our logic. But don't worry, it's process. Be happy, all is okay.

Thus, let' s prepare. For something that out of our prediction. Smart for everything    gotten. Every day must be friendly, so does this april. Friendly april, really.

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