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Mar 30, 2011

My Trip

Today, yeah today. I’ll start my journey. My trail.
One by one my dreams come true.

Firstly, Thanks God for this chance. No others but You.

Secondly, Thanks Mom, Dad for this licensing. (ckckck)

Next, thanks for my brotha and sista in the really cozy home. I’ve done mine. Even sometimes in a rude way. ( Hahaha)

Then, thanks for my lovely teachers at IAD, Recearch, Micro Teaching. I really respect you all, but please let me realize my ideals.

And for my friends in UKMI Ar- Rahman Unimed, you are the best. I’ll go for a while, don’t worry be happy. (Hahaha).

So do for my friends in REg A ’08, thanks for this support. Happy and sad faced together. It’s so nice.

And the last, for everyone who 'admire' and 'walk' behind me, thank for this caring.

------Aceh- Bogor- Jogja- Bandung- Sibayak- Padang- Inggris, Jepang-----------

Semoga Allah Memberkahi perjalanan ini.

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