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Mar 17, 2012

i see

you, alright?
yeah, i do like this condition. long time no feel this.
so then, your thesis?
Bahkan sampai hari ini belum juga. Entah.
and you proud of it?
not, really.
you should conduct it soon. how come you feel comfort with this?
saya pun tidak nyaman sebenarnya.
so? see your friends, must you be the second, third, fourth? while someone said, be second for none!
i am sorry, really. no strong reason for doing nothing for it. sorry.
do you understand your Consultant Lecturer's advice? keep focus, you cannot do all simulteously.
saya benar- benar paham maksudya itu. dan itu juga mengiringi hari- hari saya. but i still in process.
but it should not like this. no progress at all.
i did actually. you see, right?

ok ok. stop screaming. let's discuss it well. stay cool. what's your problem actually?
problem? no problem.
you should not lie. perhaps i can help you.
gak ada masalah sebnarnya. nit really good in managing time and priority.
yup, those are the problems. let me show you. you know this man? how tough him. and this woman? have you asked her condition today? what they have done for you and what they want actually from all their works?
i see. (18/03san)

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