September, 2014

Fokus pada Impian, Setia pada Proses, Bayar harga di Awal_ __Untukmu; Ayah, Ibu__ 090111/san

Apr 6, 2012

Reflection n Expectation

May Allah forgive us of our sins.
The outward and the inward.
The intentional and the unintentional.

May Allah forgive us for being a repeat offender, sinning the same sin over and over again.
May Allah forgive us for being heedless.
For being ignorant. For being arrogant, ungrateful, inpatient.

More importantly, May Allah forgive us for not seeking forgiveness for all the sins we have committed.

Rabb, all these decisions. Hopefully they are not wrong. really need your signs. it's really hard for me giving the policy. 
is it correct or not?

and the day becomes dark. seems there is no any hint. should i go away? i strongly believe that there must be one who is better for this space. this is really complicated state. honestly, i feel hard to do this. 

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