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Apr 23, 2012

You Are Special

Everyone has their own terrain, so do you. Can you realize it? Standing among them specialized themselves.  It is not your right repeatedly compel others to be what you like or want, so do you. Expecting them to be expert in all matter, never.  You have to vote one and focus on it even you can take others but get them as the secondary.  You will find this condition, it’s life.

Life is not always as what you want. There will be a time when you are asked to give in for some cases. Trying hard to finish them all is a big effort, that’s nice. You have to do your best first, and see the result.
Yeah, you may see others. They can manage one thing well while you can’t. Stop blaming yourselves! You cannot be them, you have your own life, your own style, your own qualification, your own dream. Right? Just think it simple, you have your own way.

Hmmm, becoming different among friends seems good- looking. The question is, are you differ yourselves from them in a fine thing? See, others will not see your effort. They just focus on your result, think it! And God? He observes it, your effort. But the questions again, have you done your best endeavor?

Dear, everything should bring a lesson for you. Will you come to face tomorrow with the same fault? The same case? Don’t you think that it wastes to much time for doing the same thing bad? Believe me, everything teach something. Learn hard and hard then you’ll get what you did, not what you hope.

Do not look at behind or in front, do not look up or down, but just look in. Focus on what you have, dear. Find, you have one special! (23/04san)

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